Athlete Triceps Wheelbarrow Hand Walk

Wheelbarrow Hand Walk

Exercises - Triceps
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Wheelbarrow Hand Walk Basics

Primary Muscles Worked: Triceps and Deltoids

Synergist Muscles: Forearms

Mechanics: Compound

Equipment: Exercise Partner

How To Perform The Wheelbarrow Hand Walk

  • Place your hands flat on the ground shoulder width part.
  • Extend your legs behind you so that your weight is resting on your toes.
  • Have your partner lift your body up at your ankles so that your ankles straddle their body at their hips.
  • Move your right hand forward six inches and then move your left hand forward 12 inches (six inches ahead of your right hands new position).
  • Continue walking forward while your partner carries your legs.

Wheelbarrow Hand Walk Tips

  • Try to get your pace in line with your partner's normal walking pace. If you move too fast, your partner may not be able to keep up and you could fall to the ground.
  • Make sure you keep your back straight from your upper back to your butt throughout this exercise. You may need your partner to raise or lower your legs accordingly so that you can maintain this position.

Wheelbarrow Hand Walk and Sports Application

The triceps and shoulder complex must often work in tandem to produce movement or in some instances block movement of others. The repeated contact with the ground simulates a constant need to react and stabilize which is crucial for these types of movements. An offensive lineman in football must repeatedly "punch" a defensive lineman while pass blocking. The repeated contact occurs while the o-lineman's arms are extended or semi-extended and is a constant barrage as the defensive players tries to get to the quarterback. This is just one example of many in the sports setting, and the wheelbarrow hand walk can be integrated into an athlete's training program if they experience this type of repeated contact with an object with their hands with arms fully or semi-extended.