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Definition of Awareness

So there is a lot of talk about athlete instinct, a heads up play, or an athlete being in the right place at the right time.  These are all just a few ways that people address awareness in sports.  Awareness is the ability of an athlete to analyze, interpret, and execute optimal movements for maximal performance.  Awareness and quickness are very highly related; however, awareness is all about the selection of the correct movement pattern while quickness deals with actually performing the transition from one movement to the next.

Components of Awareness

Awareness has several components that influence the optimal capabilities of the athlete.

  • Recognition - An athlete must be able to quickly analyze the current game situation (position on field, score, down and distance ect.) and what movements they might need to perform to be successful.  If an athlete is unable to recognize what move they should make or the current game situation, then no other athletic ability matters.
  • Reaction - After recognizing the current status of the game, the athlete must make the decision to perform the desired skill. Beginner or novice athletes reaction time will be relatively slow as they think and apply sport knowledge to making proper movement choices.  Advanced athletes normally react and execute movements quickly.  Ideally, reacting becomes autonomous, or without too much thinking.  This takes many hours of practice and exposure to the many different situations the athlete might experience in a game or event.
  • Correction - Correction is the ability of the athlete to change motions during the actual performance of a skill to correct for changing game situations and circumstances.  The ability to correct yourself throughout a movement works in tandem sports agility to help an athlete bounce back from an initially poor recognition and reaction.

Final Thoughts on Awareness

Awareness is an important skill in the realm of athletics.  While awareness is mainly a mental trait, it does branch in to components of physical skills such as quickness and agility.  You know what they call an athlete who knows what to do but can't do it?  A coach.  So take the necessary steps to improve your mental game for optimal performance today!