How to Pivot and Turn - Basketball Moves

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The best thing about basketball is that you only need a ball, a hoop, and open space to enjoy play the game. This simplicity allows you to concentrate on your own abilities while on the court. One ability that you can learn to really improve your basketball skills is the pivot and turn. The pivot and turn can add speed and mobility to your on court skills by creating separation between you and the defender which can lead to easier shots and scoring opportunities.

How to Pivot and Turn

  • Get in the triple threat position with your feet a bit past shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, both hands on the basketball, with the ball back and away from the defender
  • To pivot, keep one foot stationary and step around with the same foot as the direction you are going to turn. You should spin around quickly so that you can catch your opponent off guard. Make sure that you stay on the balls of your feet and maintain bend in your knees so that you can explode to the basket or up for a shot right after your pivot.
  • Don't lean with your head to the direction you are pivoting. This will throw your body off balance by changing your center of gravity.  It also makes the pivot readable to the defender.
  • You can also use the pivot and turn to set up a clear alley to the basket. Take a short, jab step in one direction and then explode in the opposite direction. 
  • Make sure you plant your moving foot firmly with your jab step, or your opponent may not bite on the fake out and you won't be able to generate enough force off of that foot to make a fast turn.
  • DO NOT FORGET to keep one foot firmly planted and that your jab and pivot is done with the same foot. Also, as soon as you turn, you will need to dribble so that you can move the foot you had firmly planted for the pivot.