Athlete Exercises
A complete list of exercises an athlete can use to improve their physical game.
  • Abs   ( 32 Articles )
    Develop the six-pack, increase rotational strength, and improve body control and awareness with this group of abdominal exercises.
  • Chest   ( 21 Articles )
    The pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor are the two major muscles making up the chest.  A strong, powerful chest is important in many functional aspects of various sports.  So do yourself a favor and check these exercises out.
  • Shoulders   ( 13 Articles )
    Build boulders for shoulders that will have the competition thinking twice. Not only do well developed shoulders look good, they foster the transition of force from the body through the arm.  So create stronger shoulders to improve your sport performance.
  • Back   ( 26 Articles )
    There are several muscle groups that make up the muscles of the back.  It includes the lats, rhomboids, and erector spinae.  These muscles are crucial in both power and balance in various sports and should be taken seriously.  So improve their development with these articles.
  • Traps   ( 10 Articles )
    Huge traps are not only important for creating a fully thick upper back but its ability to assist in scapular movement is crucial for injury prevention in overhead sports. So you can start taking your traps seriously be checking out some of these exercises.
  • Triceps   ( 18 Articles )
    The triceps are an important foundation for rock solid upper arm in addition to being an excellent source of upper body power.  So if you want terrific triceps utilize the exercises presented.
  • Biceps   ( 18 Articles )
    A fully developed bicep is important for full body explosiveness and also serves as a great focal point for a well defined physique.  Be it a rower, a boxer, or a tennis player a bicep is crucial for optimal sport performance.
  • Forearms   ( 10 Articles )
    Forearm development is important in busting through plateaus as grip strength can hinder even the strongest athlete.  Most athletes have to grip some sort of equipment to play.  A tennis racket, a golf club, oars, or a bat, all of these require optimal grip strength for maximal transference of power from the athlete to the object being hit.  Forearms are crucial for this, so develop them now.
  • Rotator Cuff   ( 3 Articles )
    The SITS muscles: supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis are the four muscles that make up the rotator cuff.  These muscles are very important in maintaining the integrity of the shoulder joint.  This is especially in athletes with repetitive overhead motions such as pitching or swimming.  Train these muscles for proper function and optimal performance.
  • Calves   ( 9 Articles )
    Most sports require you to be quick on your feet, so having functionally strong calves is important in being explosive.  So take a look at some of the exercises presented, and jump in to space.
  • Hamstrings   ( 11 Articles )
    The hamstrings, or the biceps femoris, are a group of muscles responsible for flexion of the knee.  They are also responsible for giving that extra kick during sprints and getting up to top speed.  So get the inside scoop on developing stronger more athletic hamstrings.
  • Quads   ( 18 Articles )
    The "quads" or the quadriceps is a collection of four different muscles that makes up the front musculature of the thigh.  It is responsible for extension of the knee.  Strong quads allow you to "drive" with your legs and provide a strong foundation for lower body strength and power.  Learn about the quads here.